Saturday, March 03, 2007

haiku (for Rob)

Though the sunlight had

drilled a path through the clouds, I

did not see the moon.

Photo by: Osquer


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It was a little late for me to stay up and see it!

Rob Carr said...


You write cool poetry. I write stuff like

It's fungus that makes
Post Fungus Bran so wonderful,
It's fungus that makes
Post Fungus Bran so marvelous,


Rob Carr said...


Too late? It started at sunset! You gotta get off night shift, dude!

Osquer said...

Rob, JLP is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rob Carr said...


The eclipse started at 2018 UTC and totality hit at 2244 UTC, so he'd have had a ringside seat if he's in Europe -- UTC is based on Greenwich, England!

Besides, that's the one thing that bugged me about the Enterprise: they didn't have shifts. It's no wonder Picard's working some gosh-awful time-period where he's desperately trying to get something resembling 8 hours sleep between 0730 and 2230 hrs, with the noise in the halls, occasional red alert because Troi has a headache, or people (forgetting he's working night shift) keep calling him on the frackin' communicator.

It's enough to make one join the Borg.

Rob Carr said...

BTW: can you e-mail me your address? I had two things to give you sushi night. I'd like to ship them off before the parrots find them.

floots said...

beautiful combination
of words and pic