Friday, June 14, 2013

55 Fiction Friday - A True Story (for "Chippy")

The chipmunk scampered between the tomato plants. Looking around carefully, he quickly buried a mouthful of seeds in the soft earth.

The last planting had come up beautifully.  Then those pesky humans had pulled up his lovely seedlings.  If he was only bigger, he'd dig up their gardening efforts and see how they liked it!

Photos by: Osquer
Gardening by "Chippy" and Osquer's parents

Friday, June 07, 2013

55 Fiction Friday

The child ran shrieking into the room. Mr. Bear braced himself.

"Maybe she won't pick me today," he hoped, but, sure enough, she laughed, grabbing him by one paw. She pulled him from the shelf and dragged him down the stairs, bumping his head on every step. Sometimes it was hard being her favorite toy.