Monday, August 21, 2006

OneWord - so little time [green]

I think one of the most annoying monsters in the world is that little green eyed bugger that gnaws at the back of my brain whenever I see someone who doesn't appreciate what they have. I don't mind seeing someone get something good, even if it's something I can't have, but it really bothers me when someone receives something fantastic and all they can do is complain that it's the wrong shade of chartreuse!
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Very funny, Paperback Writer! Thanks for an easy word! Has anyone figured out yet what my favorite color is? Okay, PW! Let's see what you got!


LeftUnsaid27 said...

It is the grass grown over the grave;
The shade of the sky when I most yearn.
Green is the color of pride I feel when I miss you most.

Osquer said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along, Lefty! (Hope you don't mind my new nickname for you!) Your images always appear so vividly in my mind!

I hope others will come play, too!

Paperback Writer said...

First one:

Green is the color that the left me with. A few hundred dollars left on the nightstand. Not even a note telling me goodbye. I think back to what he said last night and wipe away the angry tears. He was so full of promises. He said he would take me away from this and give me a better life. All lies. I should have known better.

Second one:

Green is the color of grass, freshly sprung from the dead earth. Smelling sweet and filled with the hope of new promises and new beginnings. Washed clean away are the dead ends and stops that the winter brought to us. Making people huddle under dark and dingy clothes. Green is the color of love. Not red as some people would have you believe. Green is the color of life.

Eh. I'm not satisfied with either of them, but oh well!


Sorry for the downer (and darker) first attempt!

Osquer said...

Actually, PW, I like the first one. It's stark and very real.

It's rare to be completely satisfied with a OneWord post. You can always take it and do something with it, but the exercise itself is to see what happens in that raw one minute. I have to admit that sometimes I can't help but ignore the timer to finish a thought. I also enjoy when I can take the time to add an illustration.

The Drew said...

though I was green with envy,I saw that the flower blossomed more because of the bee,and the rain and the sunshine,then because I enjoyed watching it grow.

LeftUnsaid27 said...

Faster, the world spins pavement beneath my two wheels. Beside the gray, the world's gone green. It takes but one rock, edged to the tire wrong, before it fades to red.

Hey, paperback writer got to write twice leaving me struck green with envy! After my ride this afternoon I couldn't help but have new words to wrap around this oneword.

Paperback Writer said...

Well, I sort of cheated. ;)

One minute (or something like it) for each.

No, I take that back. I wrote the first sentence of the first one, followed by the second sentence of the second one, decided to split it and then run.


Osquer said...

Yay! I'm so glad you all played along! It's okay, PW, "They're more sort of guidelines than actual rules."