Monday, August 21, 2006

haiku - for Wart ;-)

In answer to your

hopes, why yes, I am digging

what you’re laying down!


Paperback Writer said...

Yes, but can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Osquer said...

Hey, thanks PW! You just reminded me to add jabroni to my list of words that are fun to say!

Sam Spade said...

I very good haiku.

Jon Cox said...

Very well done! :o)

Anonymous said...

Then I will not stop
as there are many reasons
to keep this going


Paperback Writer said...

No trouble.


Besides, it's fun to do a fake People's Elbow.

Osquer said...

No one does that better than Al Snow, PW. I saw him set up a people's elbow once and then just keep running back and forth across the ring until he wore himself out! It was a faux fake people's elbow!

I guess you had to be there.