Thursday, October 25, 2007

haiku (for Paperback Writer)

I think Paperback

Writer cursed my brussel sprouts

with little green worms!

Fear not! All is not

lost. There are still sprouts to be

found in the garden.

Photos and video by: Osquer


Paperback Writer said...

Moi? Curse brussel sprouts? :)

Osquer said...

You have to admit that little green worms are grosser than brussel sprouts!

Rob Carr said...

I wonder what kind of little green worms they were. They just might be the larvae of the Hummingbird Moth! One can hope!

Osquer said...

I'm sorry I didn't get you a photo of one, Rob. I saw them earlier in the week, but it was colder on Thursday which seems to have made them retreat. (One can hope.) The largest one I saw was about an inch long and bright green.

Osquer said...

The plant in the photo is the worst one. Most of the others still have a good many leaves on them. The worms don't seem to have munched the actual sprouts too much. Most of the sprouts are still the size of peas.