Monday, April 02, 2007

haiku (for Paperback Writer)

Who’d have thought brussel

sprouts and phoenixes would have

so much in common?

Only one of last

year’s vegetables has sprung from

the ashes anew.

Photo by: Osquer


Paperback Writer said...

Hmmm, my dear Osquer...Is that what I think it is?!?!

Osquer said...

Hee hee! The only thing that came back from last year's garden and it's your favorite veggie! Woo-hoo! We'll see if that little stump actually does anything.

Paperback Writer said...

I'm sure it will. They seem to be hardy little things...

Osquer said...

Oh, I hope so. The frozen ones we had tonight were okay, but I'm jonsin' for some fresh ones!