Monday, August 14, 2006

OneWord - So Little Time [detritus]

I looked around my new office with a sigh. It was littered with the detritus of its previous occupants. There were old mugs with contents only slightly less old, disposable containers that had not been disposed of, newspapers more ancient than my car and, most distressingly, every file that had ever gone missing from every other department!

* * * * * * *

Another very good word, LeftUnsaid27! Thank you for the vote of confidence, Bea! I hope I didn't disappoint!


Sam Spade said...

Great One Word,Osquer."Detritus!"Sounds like a casting spell from Harry Potter

Osquer said...

Yes it does, Sam! It would cause whatever you cast it on to fall to bits!

Lynn said...

Can I pic the next word! Huh!huh!?
Convivia......please please!

Osquer said...

All you have to do is be first, Lynn. Good luck tomorrow. Unless they fix that is.

Pat Paulk said...

Very good Osquer. Have always love this word but hardly ever use it. Maybe it hits too close to home.