Thursday, August 17, 2006


Some intermittent

static, buzzing on the line...

Well, there's your problem!

Actually, the nests weren't having any noticeable effect on our utilities, but a nice man from the Township came out and sprayed some nasty stuff on them and put the works back in order. The major concern was that this utility box is in an area where all of the neighborhood kids run around. I would have hated to see one of them get stung during the height of summer play!

Okay, Rob, here's your chance to enlighten me! What kind of wasps are these?


floots said...

absolutely amazing
well done

Pat Paulk said...

Yes it is!! Yikes!!

Sam Spade said...

I am no expert,but they look like what we used to call yellow jackets(of course..when in doubt..we called them yellow jackets:-)

Bea said...

Gadzooks! That's amazing,

Rob said...

After searching wasps hornets, and other nasties, I'm not getting back to sleep, am I?

Check out Polistes dominulus the European Paper Wasp.

I think it matches, given the open one-layered comb.

Rob of UnSpace

Osquer said...

I hope I didn't cause you insomnia or bad dreams, Rob! You're such an expert I just thought you'd know these guys off the top of your head. Thanks for the info!

Rob said...

Nah, the insomnia is because I'm too wired or something!

I had fun searching it out.