Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The water chuckles

at the children as they run

shrieking through its glee!


Danny Sillada said...

Wow, these are lovly photos - indeed the water chuckles!

Lovely imagery.

Osquer said...

Thank you, Danny!

That's my favorite fountain. If I'd been dressed more suitably I'd have been playing in it, too! I was on my way to dinner, so I had to restrain myself...this time!

Bea said...

I'd love to run through those fountains lol it looks like so much fun!

Paperback Writer said...

Wait until the wintertime! They turn them into a skating rink!

Osquer said...

PW, yeah, I know. I really miss "my" fountain in the winter. Maybe I should take up skating.

Paperback Writer said...

I haven't seen the summertime fountain except in winter. :)