Thursday, July 20, 2006

The name Linda's turtle contest...

This is the turtle recently rescued from a pool filter by my friend Linda's son Chris.

This turtle needs a name, and Linda has consented to let my readers help come up with one. So, if you know any good turtle names, please post them in the comments. I will pass them on to Linda who will of course be the judge. Gee, I guess we should have a prize. I'll write a Fibonacci Poem for the person whose name Linda chooses. The contest will be over when Linda finds a name she likes. So, what would you name the turtle?


Sam Spade said...

1.Touche'[turtle] is a good name
2.Simon[ ie of Simon & Garfunkel is good..I think the turtle may be a box turtle.If it is ,then the Simon and Garfunkel tune,"I Am Just A Boxer" may apply.
5.19-You had to have read Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series to understand
7.Annevar Smar
8.Verne-the turtle from 'Over The hedge'
10.Turtle Linda

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The turtle looks lovely!

1: Esmerelda
2: Chloe
3: Kylie
4: Housey
5: Francis (Frances)
6: Tim
7: Tabatha
8: Jack
9: Soapy
10: Shelley

Pat Paulk said...

Camouflage Joe
Hide and Seek

Osquer said...


Bea said...

Fred-it's a solid name, a good name for a turtle

Sausage-everybody loves breakfast foods!

Paperback Writer said...

I second Fred - that was the name of my turtle, before he ran away. Yes, ran away.

I also like SS's name of Touche.

I'm also particular to the Captain's suggestion of Esmerelda.

Do I have any suggestions? No, not really. Is the turtle male or female? Shy or outgoing? I can't give suggestions until I know the turtles personality! ;)

bslawg said...

Jack Shaftoe King of the Vagabonds.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I haven't seen a turtle in years. I wonder what happened to them -- maybe they're all with you! :)

bslawg said...

So what happened with the turtle name? Did I miss it?

Osquer said...

No, Law Girl. You didn't miss it. I'll be posting about that tomorrow. Linda has picked a name. I was just trying to get a new photo of the turtle for the post, but we can't get it to come out of the underbrush. I guess that answers PW's question. Linda has a shy turtle. I don't want to spook it so we're leaving well enough alone until the turtle gets used to its new home.